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The Coaching Nest Founder

As a mum of two, Hannah Short knows the struggle of motherhood very well. Especially when trying to balance this with a career.


During her own maternity leave having spent many years in a senior HR position, she found there was a real lack of support for mothers as they entered maternity leave and then prepared to return to work. Even when support is available, some feel completely cast aside – given unfulfilling jobs or passed over for promotions, simply because they now had other priorities in their lives. Hannah was one of the lucky ones. Her boss was incredibly flexible and supportive. But so many others aren’t that fortunate.

Her passion to support others and empower them to have a successful maternity leave and return is what inspired Hannah to start The Coaching Nest.


Our aim to is to give you the confidence and skills to successfully balance motherhood and your career ambitions. 

Click here to find out more about our coaching services and how we can support you through your maternity journey.

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