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Individual Life & Career Coaching

Image by Annie Spratt

"Pausing your career to look after your children does not make you any less valuable, important or worthy. You are working hard as a parent even if that doesn't directly pay your bills. You are sustaining human life, building their world and shaping their futures. Don't underestimate yourself or downplay your worth. Believe in yourself. Your children do."   

The Coaching Nest

You should know this up front: coaching sessions are not a quick fix. The responsibility for making decisions and acting on them ultimately remains with you. Your coach is not here to tell you what to do. It’s a partnership. We’ll be asking you lots of questions – probably questions you’ve not thought of before. They won’t always be easy, but we will find a way to answer them together.

You may be feeling anxious about returning to work, or your confidence might have taken a knock while on maternity leave. You may be struggling with an overwhelming feeling of guilt about leaving your little one. These are all completely normal – but don’t let these feelings or others get in your way. During your session you will come up with an action plan that’ll help you reconnect with your values, rediscover your confidence and empower you to have the return to work you want and deserve.

Your coaching sessions are entirely led by you to work through whatever is important. Below are some typical topics that our clients bring to their sessions.

You can find out more about our prices and coaching packages here

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